Whittard: Evolving the identity for both marketing & in store design designed by Bloom London




The UK’s only national high street tea & coffee retailer had plenty of passion and expertise, but these qualities were not coming across to consumers. We were asked to clarify the brand’s purpose, before evolving the identity to communicate the new ideas across marketing communications and in store design.


We worked to define Whittard’s brand purpose and articulate in a simple and aspirational form. Through a series of workshops we landed on the idea  “Inspiring Passion” which harnessed the knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff, inviting consumers to share Whittard’s passion for tea. This became the platform for all work to be based upon, delivering visual assets across all their marketing materials, from photographic styling to how to bring the tea experience to life in store.


The new design has injected creative flair and vibrancy to a once stuffy and old fashioned experience, resulting in Whittard of Chelsea rolling out more in-store tea rooms experiences across the UK.