Special Release Malts

Expressing Rarity


Every year Diageo release a collection of special malts. Each is an opportunity for whisky aficionados to own a piece of distilling history; small batch, perfectly aged, highly prized. We were asked to deliver a design that matched up to consumer expectations and reflected the rarity and exclusivity of the collection.


Our goal was to craft packaging that lives up to the rare liquid it holds. It was our thought that as the liquid is of such outstanding quality and carefully selected by a team of experts, we felt it important that the whisky be the hero.

For this reason each of our designs celebrate the unique heritage and provenance of the whisky, whether that be celebrating the great spotted woodpecker found in the woodland near the Glenlossie distillery for Mannochmore or heroing Cragganmore’s unique railway heritage.


Each year, the prized bottles are sold out within days, confirming the rarity and exclusivity of these prized whiskies.