Old El Paso



In an increasingly competitive market, Old El Paso was looking old fashioned and tired and was failing to capture the zest and vibrancy of Mexican life. It was time to revise Old El Paso’s personality and reposition it as the beacon of Mexican cuisine globally.


Through auditing the category, it was obvious that Old El Paso was not acting as a category leader. It’s generic look and feel was one of many within a homogenous Mexican food category and this was masking the variety of products on offer.

By introducing a new range architecture based on the consumer’s approach to cooking we made choosing simpler and easier. We kept their bold yellow for recognition, but introduced enticing editorial food photography and personality led typography to add foodie cues and clarity at point of purchase. No longer dominated by clichés, Old El Paso is now seen as a more delicious, authentic and inspiring choice.


The re-design as part of a broader marketing programme has helped retail sales in Europe, grow at a high-single digit compound rate over the past two years.