In 2021 we were commissioned to create the biggest ever Diageo Special Release programme, uniting 8 exceptional Scottish Malts in one outstanding collection.

Our strategic approach recognised the importance of bringing existing brand truths to life, whilst consumer research highlighted the need to create genuine connection to each distillery and a clear focus on flavour.

Our creative theme was the rich territory of ‘Legends Untold’; the mythical and evocative world that surrounds the provenance and history of each whisky.

Through written brand written narratives and design, we created a curious and provocative storytelling experience.

We worked with acclaimed illustrator Ken Taylor, a leading figure in the world of pop culture artwork and pulled from the semiotics of mysticism.

The result? A collection​ unified through a memorable illustration and literary style​, built on Diageo brand truths, to attract, and connect to, whisky lovers and beyond.