Cowshed’s bath, body and skincare range was loved by Soho House club members, but was unknown outside this select audience. They needed to transition the brand to target a wider consumer base.


It was important to us that we positioned the brand in way that allowed it to stand on its own, whilst still linking back to its past. We created a guiding creative platform to do this: Rural Roots, Urban Style. The idea worked beautifully, paying respect to the club’s philosophy of effortless luxury.

We also established a brand architecture that made sense of different consumer needs. This resulted in a brand identity system that could flex to different audiences whilst still being unmistakably Cowshed at its heart.

And as growth domestically and internationally was a key objective for Cowshed, our design solution was created to be future ready, allowing for new products and ranges to seamlessly integrate into the brand. The result? A brand identity system which flexes across ranges and fragrances without diluting the brands tongue-in-cheek personality.


Cowshed has gone global, now stocked in over 100 retailers across 20 countries.