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Bloom Thinks: E-Commerce

By 1st June 2021December 2nd, 2021No Comments

In a year of dramatic change, we have seen lifestyle shifts come faster than ever before – with more change yet to come. We have entered a new era of direct to consumer communication, with less in-real-life moments and more time spend at home fuelling a digital revolution. Brands have had to adapt quickly and often reconsider how they show up online, thinking hard about their brand identity.

They need fluidity and flexibility to feel human and alive, but also cohesion to drive recognition and ultimately; repeat purchase. The power shift from media owners to online retailers has created opportunities, but with a digital landscape that’s constantly evolving, it can be a challenge for brands to keep up with the leading ways to maintain online engagement.

This is where Bloom Thinks steps in. In our latest thinkpiece, we look at the direction of travel of e-commerce and how brands are using design to make the digital experience engaging. With a focus on fashion, beauty and lifestyle we look to the brands that are raising the bar using examples from Gucci and The Inkey List to the Inn Beauty Project and Off-White, all through the lens of brand identity.

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