What We Do

We define, create and design brands.

Our business is the creation and visual communication of ideas – ideas that tell stories and drive emotion. Ideas with clear space around them and the ability to inspire across multiple touchpoints – ideas that grow brands.

How We Do It

Creating enduring ideas takes both magic and logic.

Ideas are most powerful when smart thinking is at the heart of the creative. At Bloom we specialise in connecting creative flair and smart thinking.

We have developed specific tools and methodologies, but don’t believe in Trademarking a Generic Name for Each Process.™ We never force fit a brand challenge to a process. Every brief is different, and that’s the way we approach them, working with our clients to tailor our approach to their brand, opportunity and business model.

What We Offer

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Design

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Who We Do It For

What Our Clients Say

Good relationships matter.

They’re the bedrock of great work and good times.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies in my time and there’s probably 3 that I would call out in a 20 – 30 year career… they’d be one of them”

Mike Tollan

Head of New Business Development, Nestle Confectionery UK

“Bloom are the best agency I have met at leading design thinking”

Jeremy Lindley

Global Design Director, Diageo

“Bloom is not a packaging design agency, it’s a branding agency. They don’t just understand strategy, they create it, and they bring a vision to your brand.”

Diona Cocoveanu

Global Brand Director, Unilever

“Bloom are both highly creative and extremely responsive in dealing with a large portfolio and multiple stakeholder inputs both in the UK and abroad. We really enjoy working with them”

Suzy Smith

Former Marketing Director Lucozade Energy and Innovation, GSK

“I have worked with Bloom for over 7 years and know them to be a highly agile, strategic and creative design partner who always deliver work of the highest quality. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for an agency to handle international work."

David Gates

Global Head, Premium Core Spirits, Diageo

“Bloom are a pleasure to work with - super smart, challenging, agile, creative and most importantly genuinely lovely. There is no hidden agenda. They just want to deliver an excellent result that both of us are proud of. A breath of fresh air in a disingenuous agency world!”

Letty Edwards

Board Marketing Director, Fox’s Biscuits

“They deliver every time. I’m yet to feel disappointed in the way they operate or the work they deliver”

Samantha Green

Senior Brand Manager, PepsiCo

“If you have a project where branding and strategic thinking are critical to its success, Bloom is a great partner.”

Eduardo Burg

Global Brand Marketing Manager, Danone

“Bloom are uniquely lovely and actually what they build is unique real relationships to kick on to great work…. They’re a relationship based agency.”

Steve Honour

Design Leader Innovation and Futures, Diageo