Bloom designs Tostitos

14 September 2017 | Latest news

Capitalising on the growing trend for Mexican food, Pepsico asked Bloom to reinvent an existing brand by building credibility with a new Mexican inspired positioning.

In response, Bloom created the identity for a range of flavoured tortilla chips and complementary salsa sauces, inspired by authentic, modern Mexico. Lu Burnell, Design Director at Bloom comments “We wanted to stand out from the crowd and deliver a more premium offering to consumers. Bold, simple and vibrant, the design moves away from clichéd category cues, using a vivid, modern colour palette and distressed textures.”

Illustrations were commissioned to create a unique set of artisan inspired patterns, combining geometric patterns with intricate, native, floral motifs. Used on the bowls, they cue Mexico’s traditional heritage but through a more contemporary lens, with the bold colours reflecting a more vibrant, flourishing and ‘on trend’ interpretation of Mexican culture.

Communicating a new eating ritual was central to the brief. Claire Racklyeft, Senior Brand Manager at Pepsico says “Tostitos believe in creating the perfect pre-dinner snack combination that allows people to put their personal mark on their snacking experience through the authentic, Mexican delivery of drizzling rather than dipping different salsas.”

To communicate this creative authenticity, Bloom illustrated a stylised version of the drizzle which appears on the packaging, but will also feature in off-pack communications, so creating a clear call-to-action and highlighting the brand’s USP.

Launched in the UK, Tostitos is available now in Tesco.