Bloom designs new chai drink

25 June 2017 | News

Bloom, in collaboration with husband and wife entrepreneurs, Rupesh and Alexandra, has created the identity for TukTuk Chai: the first and only range of ready-to-drink, authentic Chai teas in the UK.

A tea like no other, Indian born Rupesh wanted to introduce the UK to the true taste of Chai: an aromatic fusion of black tea, rich spices and creamy milk that his wife fell so in love with during their travels around the bustling streets of Kerala.

For Rupesh and Alexandra, an authentic taste was key.“There was just nothing else on the market that came close to the real deal and nothing that was ready to drink either.” says Rupesh. “We spent two years perfecting our recipes, staying true to the traditional brewing process, unlike the sweet frothy, coffee chain imposters, who use powders and syrups to try and mimic the taste. ”

TukTuk, a name inspired by the rickshaws synonymous with urban India, needed a design that brought this idea to life, transporting people’s tastebuds to the backstreets of India and reflecting the drink’s authentic recipe.

Creative director Simon Adamson says: “The key challenge for Bloom was how to communicate the authenticity and provenance story, but with a contemporary edge. We steered clear of the cliché Indian cues of elephants, intricate patterns and rich colour palettes etc. and opted for a simple design that heroes the TukTuk. The illustrative and typographic styles are crafted but a little rough around the edges, evoking the raw untamed passion of the traditional tea makers and reflecting the urban street provenance.”

So far the response has been phenomenal, with TukTuk recently reaching the final four of the Virgin StartUp Foodpreneur competition, and is now available at Urban Food Fest and Harvey Nichols stores nationwide.